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A Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) is under development and is geared towards generating awareness and increasing or accelerating the commitment of all people at Fort Benning to engage in the recycling of, but not be limited to: paper; aluminum cans; plastic bottles; and cardboard (within office areas). While we recognize many personnel are already conscientiously supporting Fort Benning's Recycle Program, this program is intended to increase awareness and active participation.


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RECYCLEFortBenning is a 6-month pilot program to re-establish the Fort Benning Recycle Program and the Fort Benning Recycling Facility (located on Jamestown Road in Harmony Church). The pilot program’s primary focus is on buildings 4, 6, 35, 70, and 85. The program has been a success due in large part to Fort Benning personnel’s avid, daily participation. The desk-side bins, which were distributed to customers within the pilot-program buildings, are actively used by recycle-minded personnel. Personnel also substantially increased recycling by utilizing the plastic and aluminum recycle bins which are located in building snack bars and hallways. Education and Awareness posters have been placed above the recycle bins (buildings 4, 6, 70, 35, and 85) to instruct personnel on how to recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans (empty containers, no food or liquids, and definitely no spit bottles please (saliva is a bio-hazard)). Additionally, RECYCLEFortBenning recently participated in the DODEA STEMposium (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) where Fort Benning 5th grade students learned they can make a difference by participating in recycling. Students were inspired to be recycle leaders within their homes. Fort Benning personnel are also taking advantage of contacting the Fort Benning Recycle Facility by calling the 24 / 7 Customer Service Desk at 706-545-2135. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas on improving the Fort Benning Recycle Program, please give us a call. We appreciate your support. Our earth needs our help to survive. Thank you for supporting RECYCLEFortBenning.